Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Welcome & Introduction: S.A.T. for Blogs

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Giving Bloggers Control

In a day and age where the tall wall of creative advertising is being climbed over by homemade Converse ads, and the 'marketer-knows-best' mantra is being tuned out by the loud noise of homemade Apple iPod ads, it is evident that the inclusion of consumers and publishers in the development of advertising is becoming an essential part of successful ad campaigns.

This phenomenon is also described in this article highlighting Publisher-Driven Advertising (PDA). adrelief's 'Situational Advertising Technology for Blogs' solution fits into this mold. 'S.A.T. for Blogs' is a patented solution and process that allows bloggers to quickly and easily create the message inside of a single ad, adapting the advertiser's offering to target each particular post. This message creation process works as easily as the message creation for AdSense or other groups, but S.A.T. produces results targeted to each of your posts.

By giving bloggers control over the creation and placement of an advertiser's message, an ad campaign begins to adopt the look, feel, voice, and interests of that blogger and its audience. The advertiser suddenly becomes an "endemic" advertiser - "one that belongs to the blogger's community, resulting in a valued connection between audience, publisher, and advertiser".

The result of this valued connection? Increased revenue for you!

Tuesday, December 21, 2004

(Example) Christmas & SpongeBob SquarePants

My nephew and niece, along with probably every other child (and 1/4 of the adults) in America, absolutely love SpongeBob SquarePants. I learned this on a recent visit, where I somehow ended up playing the SpongeBob video game with the kids all evening while my brother and sister-in-law snuck out to the movies (a much needed break).

As a result, I decided to try to buy the little ones some SpongeBob items for Christmas. Being the last minute shopper that I am, and knowing the overwhelming popularity of Mr. Pants, I don't know why I even tried. After walking through crowds and crowds of mall shoppers, I finally arrive at the toy department, only to guessed it...nearly every SpongeBob item to be sold out. I didn't walk away empty handed, but I'm sure the kids will be a little disappointed (I'll make it up to them next Christmas).

Monday, December 13, 2004

(Example) High School Fencing Coach

When’s the last time you spoke with your favorite teacher, coach, or childhood friend. Although I make it home to NJ periodically, I somehow managed to lose track of my old high school fencing coach. After running into a mutual friend during the Thanksgiving holiday, I got his phone number and gave my coach a call. Needless to say we talked and laughed about all the matches from the past. I love fencing, and my coach instilled a lot of this passion inside of me. So much so that I was lucky enough to be on Duke’s varsity fencing team. For anyone looking to relieve some stress, or to find a new and exciting hobby, I highly recommend fencing! I think I may actually go to a fencing club and fence a few bouts this weekend (something I haven't done in a while).

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